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Month: Mai 2021

Public Transport for All? Migrant’s Views on One of Europe’s Top Public Transport Cities.

Several studies have identified public transport in Vienna, Austria as exemplary in Europe based on its geographic coverage, cost, and ridership levels. However, these studies do not differentiate the quality of public transport for minority groups such as immigrants. In 2020 immigrants, who were born abroad or who have at least one parent who was born abroad, accounted for 41 % of Vienna’s population.

In vivo veritas – using CRISPR to find novel cancer genes and drug targets

Finding the genes that are on the one hand responsible for tumor development and on the other hand those genes essential for a tumor cell to survive is one of the oldest goals of cancer research. Genes that are essential and fall into classes, which allow drug development to suppress their function, lie at the heart of finding novel therapies to combat cancer.