Wiener Ball der Wissenschaften 2017

By Monika Trebo | November 21, 2016

The ball is supported by Austria’s Science Minister and the Mayor of Vienna, all presidents from Vienna’s 23 universities and research institutions, and fans like Ambassador Ronald S. Lauder, Ig Noble mastermind Marc Abrahams and @NeinQuarterly Twitter blogger Eric Jarosinski.

The intention of the ball 2017 remains the same as in the years before: celebrating the excellence, diversity and openness of science in Vienna and, thus, Central Europe.

Eric Kandel, Nobel laureate 2000 and guest of honor 2016, in his speech opening the ball stated: “This ball illustrates in a singularly Viennese fashion that Vienna has become the focal point of science in Central Europe. (…) Vienna is on the right track to become the science capital of Europe."

ASCINA members are cordially invited to join this celebration of excellence science and good spirit. Tickets can be booked as of 14 November at our webshop ( and pre-ordered now at

As a special offer for ASCINA members we have organized the following packages:

Come and join the scientifically approved fun!

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