Public Page - Stefan Gandler

Member Bio:

My actual possition is Professor of Social Theory and Philosophy at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Ph.D. adviser at the UNAM and National Reseacher (SNI III).

Invited professor: University of California Santa Cruz (2009/2010) and Tulane University, New Orleans (2015/16); member Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, Mexico, level 3 (hightest category). Author of Peripherer Marxismus (Hamburg 1999), Frankfurter Fragmente (Frankfurt 2013), El discreto encanto de la modernidad (México 2013), Fragmentos de Frankfurt (México 2009/2011/2014), Materialismus und Messianismus (Bielefeld 2008), Marxismo crítico en México (México 2007/2009/2015), Critical Marxism in Mexico (Leiden/Boston/Chicago 2015/2016); editor of Modernidad y diferencia (México 2010) and Teoría crítica: imposible resignarse (México 2016) and academic articles in 7 languages and 15 countries. Gandler works on the possibility of overcoming the Eurocentric limitations of the Frankfurt School, confronting its Critical Theory of Society with contemporary socio-theoretical debates in Latin America, constructing a Critical theory from the Americas.