We are the network of Austrian scientists and scholars in the USA, Canada, Mexico. Our objective is to support Austrian scientists and scholars in North America and to facilitate interactions between Austrian scientists and scholars and international research institutions.

The AMP is supported by the Alumni Club of the Medical University of Vienna, the Technical University of Vienna, the Technical University of Graz, and the Medical University of Innsbruck. More

ASciNA Award 2020

ASciNA, in cooperation with the BMWFW recognizes young Austrian scientists in North America, for their scientific work with the ASciNA Award. The recipients in 2020 are Daniel Schramek, Martin Breuss, Thomas Poelzler ... More


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In Vivo Veritas – using CRISPR to find novel cancer genes and drug targets | ASciNA Virtual Talk

By Monika Trebo | May 6, 2021

Finding the genes that are on the one hand responsible for tumor development and on the other hand those genes essential for a tumor cell to survive is one of the oldest goals of cancer research. Genes that are essential and fall into classes, which allow drug development to suppress their function, lie at the heart of finding novel therapies to combat cancer.
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The ASciNA Award in numbers

By ASCINA | April 27, 2021

Statistics for the ASciNA Award from 2008 to 2020.
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