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10 Years Of ASciNA

10 Years Of ASCINA

The celebration of the 10th ASCINA anniversary took place following the presentation of the ASCINA Awards by Federal Minister Karlheinz Töchterle on December 17, 2012 in the ballroom of Palais Harrach an der Freyung in Vienna. The rooms made available by the BMWF were filled to the last seat and accompanied by culinary and musical subtleties: the reception area and cloakroom were transformed into a poster session, in which rose sparkling wine from the Zimmermann winery and US craft beer were served at the reception. Then it went to the ceremonial hall, which was transformed into a procession of American elite universities by the flags lined up on the wall. The jazz music of the Heribert Kohlich Trio gave the whole evening a very professional, relaxed flair. In the last room there was a large buffet that was offered by the company.

After the official part of the celebration, the BMWF surprised us with a birthday cake, which was presented by BM Töchterle with a flourish and a spray candle. The setting was very festive and we couldn’t have found a better place for our anniversary. Networking was possible everywhere, at the meal, at the beer bar, at the bar tables with the music … and that was used! We did not expect such a large crowd, so at times there was not enough seating with 120 chairs at the event.

All together it was a great success and we thank everyone involved for their help, for coming and for the wonderful hours together. For another 10 years and see you soon, your entire, very proud and grateful ASCINA team!

10 Jahre ASciNA brochure

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