Austrian Scientists & Scholars
in North America

About Us


ASciNA (Austrian Scientists & Scholars in North America) is the first and only independent network of Austrian scientists and scholars in North America, including the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The main focus of ASciNA is on its currently 17 local Chapters both in North America, as well as several strong ASciNA Alumni Chapters across Europe, which have become a “home away from home” for many of our members. Our main ASciNA-wide activities are the ASciNA Awards, which are awarded annually in the “PrincipaI Investigator” and “Young Scientist” category, and our ASciNA Mentoring Program, that connects early career ASciNA members with accomplished ASciNA members who are successful scientists or scholars in their respective field.

Having been established in 2002, our members include scientists from a diverse range of educational backgrounds, spanning from economics to physics, from life sciences to marine biology and the arts. We offer information, help newly arrived scientists orient themselves in their new surroundings, provide career development support and networking opportunities, organize events, and representation of the interests of Austrian scholars and scientists.
ASciNA maintains a strong cooperation with official Austrian institutions such as the Federal Ministries, Universities, and Funding Agencies.

ASciNA’s leadership consists of its Chapter chairs and the ASciNA officers. Our Past Presidents provide continuity and help define the long-term ASciNA strategy. In the past 20 years of ASciNA’s existence, we awarded several honorary memberships. We would also like to acknowledge the generous and continuing support of our partners. For media-related inquiries please contact us at, and for general questions including membership-related questions at


The Austrian intellectual landscape shall not end at its national borders! Through a vibrant network of scientists and scholars in North America, who share academic and/or personal roots in Austria, it is ASciNA’s vision that personal connections and exchange within the network will enrich the careers and professional development of its members, across all career stages. ASciNA furthermore aims to create strong visibility for the scientific and scholarly excellence of its members, through communications within and outside the network.

As a non-governmental, self-governed organization of scientists and scholars, ASciNA is committed to providing a platform to support and represent the interests of Austrian scientists and scholars in North America towards relevant stakeholders including the Austrian governmental bodies as well as the Austrian public.