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The Chapter Greater Boston of ASciNA serves scholars and scientists of the New England states Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont (Connecticut is part of the Greater New York Chapter). Regular meetings take place monthly at varying locations in the Boston metro area.


ASciNA Greater Boston is among the oldest regional groups embedded in the ASciNA network. Founded by Wolfgang Winkelmayer and Eva Schernhammer in 2001, it provides an intellectual and social platform to scholars and scientists from the many prestigious universities and colleges of the Massachusetts Bay Area such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, Boston University, Northeastern University, Bentley College, as well as other research centered for-profit and non-for-profit institutions. Beyond the Metro Boston region, we serve members at diverse institutions in New England such as the University of Vermont (Burlington Campus), Brown University (RI), or Dartmouth University (NH). Currently, we have over 80 active members who have the opportunity to gather at the monthly meetings mostly held in Boston or Cambridge.


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Eva Fast, Lukas Landegger, Manuel Egele, Magdalena Klemun, Michael Fink und Susanne Strohmaier (ASCINA Greater Boston executive team)

Meetings and Events

The group meets every second Thursday of the month at varying locations in the Metro Boston area. It has become customary to begin the evening with a brief lecture of one of the members on her/his ongoing research. While a challenge for the presenter to deliver a scientific talk on her/his core research in a language that is understandable to fellow-scholars and scientists of a great variety of disciplines, this portion of the agenda has become particularly popular and enticing. Announcements and discussions on topics relevant to the local and national level of ASciNA follow. Traditionally, and very Austrian, we wrap up our meetings in a social fashion at a local pub or restaurant.

2017 Meetings

- June: tbd

- Mai:tbd

- 28. April: Florian Hollerweger, Lecturer MIT Music department

- 9. Maerz: Oliver Hauser, Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Business School

- 16. Februar: Stefan Roehrig, Enterpreneur Harvard Business School

- 19. Jaenner: Arvind von Keudell, Clinical Fellow in Orthopedic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

2016 Meetings

- Dezember: Weihnachtsfest im PED (Program for Evolutionary Dynamics)

- 10. November: Julia Wilflingseder, Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard Medical School and Medical University Vienna

- 22. Oktober: ARIT Toronto (

- 19. Oktober: Tillman Gerngross, Professor of Bioengineering at the Thayer School of Engineering at Darthmouth College

- 22. September: Patrick Trojer, Vice President at Constellation Pharmaceuticals

- 28. August, 19:00: Ascina Sommerfest

-1. Juni, 19:00: Kamingespraech Angelika Amon. Professor MIT 

-9. Mai, 19:00: Fruehlingsfest mit dem HCA

- 24. Maerz, 19:00: Christine Leopold, MS, PhD, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Department of Population Medicine | Drug Policy Research Group

- 18. Februar, 19:00: Gernot Waldner, PhD Candidate am Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures in Harvard 

- 21. Jaenner 19:00, Michaela Gruber, Postdoctoral Fellow am Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Broad Institute


2015 Meetings

-11. Dezember, 18:00: Ascina Weihnachtsfeier

-19. November, 19:00: Eva Schernhammer

-24. September, 19:00: Manuel Egele, Assistant Professor, Boston University, "Computer Security: Why Would that Affect Me?"

- 14. August, 19:00: Ascina Sommerfest

-24. Juni, 19:00: Ausgewaehlte Kurzvortraege

-21. Mai, 19:00: Enterpreneurtalk: Christoph Lengauer Chief Scientific Officer Blueprint Medicines

- 30. April, 19:00: Mariella Filbin, DFCI

- 19. Maerz, 19:00: Kamingespraech: Martin Karplus (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2013)

- 22. Jaenner, 19:00: Andrea Feigl, Center for Government and International Studies

2014 Meetings

- 12. Dezember: Weihnachtsfeier, PED (Program for Evolutionary Dynamics)

- 21. November, 19:00 Christian Hilbe, Postdoctoral Fellow, Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, Harvard University

- 10./11.Oktober: 11. ARIT meeting in Boston (Anmeldung:

- 18. September, 19:00: Lukas Landegger (Research Fellow, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary)

- July 19th - 6pm Sommerfest

- May 8th - 7pm Dr. Nicole Hofmann (Children's Hospital)

-April 10th - 7pm Dr. Christian Joukhadar (J&P MEDICAL RESEARCH Ltd.)

- March 13th - 7pm Kamingespraech with Dr. Eugene Braunwald (Hersey Distinguished Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic, Harvard Medical School)

- February 13th - 8pm "Stammtisch" Grafton Street Pub, 1230 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

- January 14th - 7:00pm Dr. Benjamin Kotrc (Postdoctoral Fellow am MIT): „Evolution of Silica Biomineralizing Plankton”

2013 Meetings

- SUNDAY December 15th - 7pm ASCINA Christmas Party

- November 14th - 7:00pm Dr. Katja Schechtner (Visiting Scholar at MIT Media Lab)

-WEDNESDAY October 30 – 7:30pm Prof. Dr. Karl Aiginger, Head of WIFO (together with Harvard Club of Austria) "Die zukünftige Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Europas: Erste Ergebnisse aus einem Großforschungsprojekt unter Leitung des WIFO" Location: Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, Harvard University, One Brattle Square, suite 6, Cambridge, MA

October 17 – 7:00pm Movienight “Rush” Location: Somerville Theater

September 26 - 6:00pm Dr. Gerald Brandacher "Hand and Face Transplantation: The New Fronier in Organ Transplantaion" Location: Bigelow Amphitheatre, Massachusetts General Hospital

-SATURDAY August 3 – 7:00pm Summerparty! Location: 506 Franklin street Cambridge, MA 02139

June 13, 6:00 pm Dr Philipp Staber „Understanding antisense“ Location: Center for Life Science, 3 Blackfan Circle, Room 421 (4th floor) 

-WEDNESDAY May 22 - 7:00 pm - Dr. Alberto Pepe, -"Visualizing astronomy articles as stars in the sky." Location: Center for Regenerative Medicine, 185 Cambridge Street, 4th floor

April 25 – 7:30pm „Stammtisch“ Location: Green street pub, Cambridge MA

Special Lunchtime Talk April 18, 2013 12:30-1:30 p.m. Austrian Minister of Health Alois Stöger "Universal health care in Austria: a system based on solidarity" Location: SPH-Kresge Building, Room 502 Introduction: Dr. Julio Frenk, Dean of the Faculty, Harvard School of Public Health (together with Harvard Club of Austria)

- Wednesday, March 13 – 6:30pm. Dr. Thomas Böhm 'Das Wiener Jazz Trio' (Konzertlesung) Location: Junior Common Room, Eliot House, Harvard College 101 Dunster Street Cambridge, MA 02138 (together with Harvard Club of Austria)

- February 14 - 7:00 pm. Kassandra O’Brian “Neurally Controlled Devices:  BrainGate” Location: Life Science & Engineering Building, Room 504, 24 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215

-January 10 -  7:00 pm. Election of the new chapter presidents and talk of Dr. Lisa Gfrerer, "What is Plastic surgery research all about? An insight into Palatogenesis and Pathogenesis of Orofacial Clefting in the zebrafish model." Location: Center for Regenerative Medicine, 185 Cambridge Street, 4th floor


2012 Meetings

-December 8th - starting at 6:00 pm ASCINA X-mas Party at Life Science & Engineering Building, Room 103 (Seminarraum im Erdgeschoss), 24 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215. Please register here!

-November 8th - 7:30pm - Katherine Donnelly, "History and Methods of Glassblowing. An overview of glass history from ancient Egyptian to the modern studio glass-art. Also watch a demonstration of furnace-blown glass from a team of glassblowers." Place: 147 Sherman Street, Cambridge (next to Jose’s and the railroad tracks).

-October 17th - 7:00pm - Dr. Elvira Welzig (Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT), "Funding, Science, and Careers at Austrian Institutions and at the AIT with the focus on returning scientists". MIT MEdia Lab E14-525.  

-September 28th - 5:30pm - ASCiNA Entrepreneurial Talk. "Kamingespräch" with Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer (former Chancellor of Austria, SPÖ). Room 113, Biology Research Building, Department of Biology, Boston University, 5 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215  


-September 24th - 4:00pm - Dr. Michael Spindelegger (Foreign Minister of Austria, ÖVP) "Responding to Europe and international challanges". JFK School of Government, 79 John F. Kennedy Street, Bell Hall, 5th floor,  Cambridge, MA 02138;             -3:15pm Austrian Students and Researchers meet Vice Chancellor Spindelegger (Room Belfer BL4 at Kennedy School).


-August 4th - 5:00pm - "ASCINA Sommerfest" at 6 Cary Street, Nahant 01908 MA. Please register here.


-June 14th - 7:00pm - Mag. Mario Bernhart: "Incremental Reengineering and Migration of a 40-years-old Airport Operations System." MIT Lobby 7, Seminarraum 33-418, Massachusettes Ave. 77.


-May 10th - 7:00pm - Dr. Bernhard Payer: "X-Chromosom-reaktivierung: Ein epigentisches Markenzeichen fuer Pluripotenz und Mausentwicklung." Massachusettes General Hospital, Simches Research Building (Eingang neben CVS/Whole Foods), 185 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114, Raum 6270


-April 5th - 6:00pm - PD Dr.Dr. Angelika Riemer, German Cancer Research Center - DKFZ: "Immunotherapy and -prevention“. Center for Life Science,SR 421; 3 Blackfan Circle, Boston

-March 8th - 7:00 pm - Dr. Gregor Thuswaldner „Nestbeschmutzer oder Staatskünstler? Thomas Bernhard und Österreich“. Center for Life Science,SR 421; 3 Blackfan Circle, Boston


-February 9th - 7:00 pm - Dr. Florian Schmitzberger, "Röntgenstruktur Aufklärung von Kinetochorprotein Komplexen: Von Proteinkristallen zu molekularen Strukturen und Einsichten in die biologische Funktionsweise der Chromosomentrennung." Seeley G. Mudd (SGM) Gebäude; Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology; 250 Longwood Avenue, 02115 Boston


-January 12th - 7:00 pm - ASciNA Entrepreneurial Talk. "Kamingespräch" with Dr. Christian Mandl, Global Head of Virology, US Head of Research, Vice President Novartis. 45 Sidney street, Cambridge, MA

2011 Meetings

-December 17th - 7:00 pm, ASciNA X-mas party: See pictures

-December 8th - 5:30 pm - Dr. Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Economic Chamber: A model for the future of the European Union (Lecture and buffet reception), MIT Sloan School of Management / Room E62-250; RSVP: OR Tel: (212)421-5250

- November 10th - 7:00 pm - Dr. Andrea Korenjak: "Musik, Ritual und Heilung - Neue Ansätze der 'medical ethnomusicology'"; Center for Life Science, 4. Stock Seminarraum; 3 Blackfan Circle, Boston
- October 12th - 7:00 pm - Dr. Gerald Steiner (J.A. Schumpeter Fellow): “The Application of Collaborative Systems of Innovation to Diabetic Treatment Worldwide: How Fit Are We for The Future?"; Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (WCFIA)/North Building, Bowie-Vernon Room (K262), 1737 Cambridge Street,Cambridge, MA 02138

- August 20th - 5:00 pm - ASCINA Sommerfest 2011

- June 9th - 7:00 pm - Dr. Sandra Morandell "Die Stress-aktivierte Kinase MK2 und ihre Rolle in DNA-Reperatur",David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research; MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 500 Main Street, Building 76, Room 321 - 3.Stock, links neben den Liften.

- May 12th - 7:00 pm - Dr. Konstantin Mitgutsch: "Recursive Learning in Computer Games: Lernen und Umlernen in virtuellen Spielwelten" or "Lernen durch Enttäuschung"; Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab; 5 Cambridge Center; Cambridge, MA 02139 - 3. Floor, Room NE25-373

- April 14th - Social meeting at Five Napkin Burger; 105 Huntington Avenue, Boston.

- March 10th - 7:00 pm - Dr. Jürgen Schaflechner: "A Hindu goddess in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The long walk for identity”; Center for Life Science, 4. Stock Seminarraum; 3 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA 02115

- February 10th - 7:00 pm- ASciNA Entrepreneurial Talk. Kamingespraech mit Prof. Konrad Hochedlinger, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Center for Regenerative Medicine: "Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine". SR 3130 (3rd floor) Simches Research Building, 185 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114

- January 13th - 8:00 pm ASciNA Social event: Bowling at Kings, 50 Dalton St, Boston, MA

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