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Denis Teoman ASciNA Virtual Talk


Denis Teoman, PhD Candidate, School of Planning, Governance and Globalization, Virginia Tech

Date & Time

June 22, 2021, 8AM Pacific / 10AM Central / 11AM Eastern / 17h MEZ


Several studies have identified public transport in Vienna, Austria as exemplary in Europe based on its geographic coverage, cost, and ridership levels. However, these studies do not differentiate the quality of public transport for minority groups such as immigrants. In 2020 immigrants, who were born abroad or who have at least one parent who was born abroad, accounted for 41 % of Vienna’s population. Treating public transport in Vienna as an integral party of daily life, I utilize the 2019 Austrian Mikrozensus (provided by Statistik Austria) to investigate if immigrants ride public transport more than non-immigrants and if immigrants perceive the quality of public transport differently than non-immigrants. In addition, I investigate differences between migrant sub-groups by region of origin. Further. using logistic regression, I compare frequency levels of public transit usage as well as perceptions regarding six aspects of public transit: cost, travel time, coverage, condition of the interior, headways, and safety.

Short Bio

Denis Teoman is a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech’s School of Planning, Governance and Globalization. Originally from Vienna, Austria, most of his research focuses on comparing travel behavior, travel behavior and transportation policies in North America and Central Europe (specifically German-speaking countries). For his dissertation research, Denis is examining the travel behavior of immigrants in Vienna, Austria and comparing it with immigrants´travel behavior in US East Coast cities.

Denis earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Geography from the University of Würzburg, Germany and a MCRP (Master of City and Regional Planning) from Rutgers University.

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Recording: Public Transport for All? Migrant’s Views on One of Europe’s Top Public Transport Cities

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