We are the network of Austrian scientists and scholars in the USA, Canada, Mexico. Our objective is to support Austrian scientists and scholars in North America and to facilitate interactions between Austrian scientists and scholars and international research institutions.

The AMP is supported by the Alumni Club of the Medical University of Vienna, the Technical University of Vienna, and the Technical University of Graz. Established Austrian scientists provide aspiring scientists from Austria with guidance and experience. Apply now for the new mentoring cycle 2018/19. More

ASciNA Award 2017

ASciNA, in cooperation with the BMWFW recognizes young Austrian scientists in North America, for their scientific work with the ASciNA Award. The recipients in 2017 are Dietmar Offenhuber, Sandra Eibenberger and Isabella Rauch.. More


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ASciNA Award: Jetzt bewerben! Einreichfrist endet am 20. Mai 2018

By Monika Trebo | April 19, 2018

ASciNA fordert seine Mitglieder auf, sich mit wegweisenden wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten für den Forschungspreis zu bewerben. Unter dem Motto "Forschen in Nordamerika" werden wissenschaftliche Publikationen ausgezeichnet, die von hoher wissenschaftlicher Exzellenz sind und wichtige Fragestellungen bearbeiten. Die Bewerbungsfrist endet am 20. Mai 2018!
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Prof. Kainerstorfer at Carnegie Mellon University is developing a hand-held, optical breast cancer imaging device for frequent monitoring at home.

By Monika Trebo | March 5, 2018

The project has made it into the 2nd round of STAT Madness, which is an online competition. Please take a moment and consider voting for CMU. https://www.statnews.com/feature/stat-madness/bracket/ The CMU logo is a colorful triangle. Click on the triangle and then vote. Please vote and spread the word to friends and colleagues! Voting for the 2nd round ends 3/8.
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